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Loose your Weight

5 questions every presidential candidate should answer: ISIS edition

Nearly a year after President Obama announced a strategy “to degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS, the extremist group still controls large swaths of both Iraq and Syria.

Pregnant Woman Killed By Fiance’ Who Suffered From PTSD

A story of love turns tragic when pregnant mother was shot in the head and killed by her fiance who then turned the gun on…

What Causes Your Eyelid To Twitch?

  At some point, you’ve probably experienced a bad case of eye twitching and spasms. While it can be super annoying, it’s actually quite common…

Lessons for Social Security reform from Canada: Part 2

Canadian parents save less for retirement than Canadians without kids. And it’s probably deliberate.

Middle-class incomes haven’t been flat for 30 years. In fact, here’s why they may have doubled

When economists -- and the Obama White House -- talk about middle-class income stagnation, they are often referring to Census Bureau data showing median household income -- adjusted for inflation -- rose less than

Think about this: The US ranks 46th in how easy it is to start a company

The White House this week gave some welcome focus to the unhelpful rise of job licenses. In "The land of free markets, tied down by red tape," the FT's Gillian Tett notes that issue

Everything You Need To Know About TMJ

So, what is TMJ anyway? Well, for starters, TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint – a joint in the jaw – and it’s a disorder that…

Lost Decade? The US is about to have its first 10-year period since World War II with at least one year of 3% growth

Just another sign that 2015 is not shaping up to be the Year of Acceleration, as many economist anctipated. Same-old, same-old stagnation. Bloomberg reporter Peter Gosselin offers three reasons: First, recessions driven by financial

Iran deal aftermath: Wolfowitz on Fox Business Network’s ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’

Scholar Paul Wolfowitz discusses the next steps for the Iran deal and more Clinton emails being released on Fox Business Network's 'Cavuto Coast to Coast.'

Hedge fund snake oil for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico would do well to ignore a recent hedge fund report and to follow instead the Krueger report's suggestion: press for a reasonable amount of debt relief from bondholders as an important part