Hey there!  Welcome to My Fatness!  This is the site that focuses on me, BBW Mandy Blake, my eating, stuffing, gorging, feeding, whatever you want to call it, and my big fat body!

I love eating! Seriously! Every time I eat I start to dance and smile.

I've always been fat.  From way back when I was 2 until the present time I've been an over eater.

I love the taste of food and the way it makes me feel.  I love eating until I get really full and then rubbing my big fat soft belly.  Eating makes me so happy and content.

Many people have asked me if I'm a gainer or a feedee.

Am I a gainer?  I'm not a gainer.  I don't purposely gain.  I just eat what I want, when I want.  If I gain, I gain.  If I don't gain, I don't. lol

Am I a feedee?  Well I guess you could say I am.  If you offer me food, chances are, I'll eat it! lol

The thought of having someone cook for me and feed me is very appealing.  That way I can just be all lazy and just have to worry about eating and staying fat, full and happy!


This site is all video based.  The videos range in quality and length.  Sometimes I use my webcam, sometimes a camcorder, and maybe even a camera phone, if I'm out eating at a restaurant!


There are 46 videos inside


I wanted to share all my feelings about my big soft Belly with you.  I lay down and rub my big Belly, shake my Belly, and squeeze my Belly.  This is a great video for all you Belly lovers and Fat lovers!


My Fantasy Feeder mentioned a Cherry Pie to me the other day and I was like....OH YES!  I want that!  I NEED that!  I went out and bought a yummy looking cherry pie.  So I sat down at my desk and fed my cute Fat face the entire pie.  My Big Belly was sooooo full at the end!


I wanted chocolate!  I had to have chocolate!  So when I saw this german chocolate cake in the store, I rushed over and put it in my cart!  OMG!  This cake was amazing!  It was sooo sweet.  I Fed my cute Fat face, and filled my Big Belly with all this luscious chocolate cake!  I know my fantasy Feeder would have been proud!


One day I went to try on an outfit that I really really liked.  I wanted to wear it out, but it didn't quite look the same as it did a year or so ago.  I definitely have Gained some Weight.  My Big Belly has gotten even Bigger and better!  Check out the jiggle, blubber, and cellulite!


I recently went on vacation.  Vacations for me are always Food fests!  I love ordering in chinese, pizza, mexican, any type of Food I can get my hands on.  Well I knew I'd have to have breakfast, so I bought some Bavarian cream filled donuts.  Up in Wisconsin we used to call them Long Johns.  I ate 3 of these huge pastries and could have eaten more if I had them!


I went out for lunch today and decided to video it.  I went to one of my favorite places, the diner.  I ordered rigatoni bolognese, greek lemon chicken soup, and a greek salad.  They give you sooo much Food at the diner.  That's probably why I like it so much! lol


I had a request to see me go up and down the stairs.  This person wanted to see the Fat on the legs shake and see me get all out of breath cuz I'm so Fat and out of shape!  Well needless to say, I said, SURE!  I decided to go up and down this one flight of stairs 10 times.  OMG!  I was soooo out of breath I could barely talk!


I was driving home from running errands when I saw the red neon sign....HOT Donuts NOW!  I had to pull in and order a dozen of those warm goodies!  When I got home, I was in the mood to eat, but not to talk.  Therefore this is a silent video...lots of eating and belly play to watch tho!  I wanted to get down to business.  I was going for the gold.  I wanted to finish the entire dozen donuts!  Find out how many I was able to eat!


A member/fan sent me flowers and these Belgian Chocolates.  I couldn't wait to rip into them and eat them!  There were two layers of chocolates in the box and each chocolate was a different flavor.  I was in heaven eating all these chocolates.  Then after I was done with the entire box, I laid down and rubbed my full fat belly!


My fantasy Feeder came through again for me when he sent me this bag of powdered sugar mini donuts.  I was really hoping for the chocolate covered ones, but I'm not complaining!  These were even sweeter!  I managed to devour 10 of these little delights in 10 mins!  I Fed myself 600 calories in 10 mins!  Not too shabby!


I did it!  I was starving so I called up and got a pizza delivered.  I sat down on my bed and fed myself the pizza...piece by piece.  I started getting full so I took a little break to rub my big belly and take some much needed deep breaths.  Then I began eating the rest of my yummy food.  At the end of this video I mention how I can barely breath and I actually say that I feel like I'm going to explode!  This is a good one!


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